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. . . only in the UK, our clients supply 36 Michelin stars . . .every day . . .

"is there more to tell about quality?" 


Girolles ready for transport at one of our London based clients. Destination Bibendum** 

let's talk more quality!

quality by making a difference together

fullsizeoutput_3e3.jpegour British clients supply, among others, 3 of the 5 UK Michelin ***stars aworded restaurants (Funghi Funghi 2017)

Product quality, food safety control, certification, continuity in delivery, ‘deal ‘s a deal’. For us they’re all self-evident. When these basic items are not okay, a company nowadays has no viability. Communicating them as unique selling points is old-fashioned. With Funghi Funghi you can rely blindly on these quality basics being OK.

Quality in our definition goes further than screaming self-evident arguments. Further than meaningless shouting that you’re ‘the largest’ or ‘the best’. So, we don’t babble, but act! And actually try to create a meaningful role. With passion, pleasure and a bit of guts.

For us quality is making a difference for, and together with, our clients. That’s what wé shout out loud. And that’s all about collaboration, sharing and supporting. About transparency and proactive thinking along with our clients. And with all other interested people. Also when they don’t have any direct commercial interest.


quality by helping chefs to discover . . . and make a difference together . . .

our ‘happy boxes’: Ready to cook! Clean, dry, sliced and mixed (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Chefs want products of the highest quality and/or with the best price-quality ratio. And with quality criteria like ‘clean and dry, super fresh, great taste, beautiful in shape and color’. But also with economic criteria. Due, among other things, as a result of the chronic and growing shortage of young people who want to start a career in kitchens.

That’s why we reach out a hand now and then. By trying to reduce unnecessary work in your kitchen. That’s why we try to deliver our mushrooms as clean and dry as possible. Slice and mix our mushrooms on your specifications. All in favor to create more hands at the stove

quality by offering chefs the unknown . . . and story’s to tell . . .

fullsizeoutput_3e4.jpegthe shaggy ink cap. Exotic. Top ingredient for the most beautiful consommé clarifé double.


quality through standard range and exotic bycatch

Within our product range of wild mushrooms, we handle two concepts: ‘regular’ and ‘specialties’. Together with our cultivated mushrooms they make an acceptable and interesting standard range. In terms of variety and gastronomic possibilities. But also, because we can deliver them in relative large volumes and continuity in supply.

Of the more than 100.000 known fungi species, a large number is edible. That’s why internally we speak of a third concept: exotic. These edible mushrooms are not part of our standard product range of wild and cultivated mushrooms. Our pickers offer them incidentally as ‘bycatch’. Some chefs ask us to buy specific exotic mushrooms for them when available.


quality through facilitating in ‘the story behind things . . .

fullsizeoutput_401.jpeg Honey truffle: honeyed and light ground tone

Unknown means unpopular. By proactive communicating with professionals and interested people about the world of edible mushrooms, we try to draw attention for the remarkable tastes, unique presentation possibilities and gastronomic applications. For instance, what is the story behind the honey truffle? Incredible sweet like an artificial sweetener! And why does the Lion’s mane mushroom (or Pom Pom mushroom) taste like hazelnut once it’s fried?

But also, other things worth knowing like the way they grow, multiply or where they come from. By sharing this information, we support the chef, restaurateur, Maître D, host and hostess and gourmands in surprising their guests. And give them stories to tell at the table. We enjoy playing a meaning full role in sharing special information.


quality through novelties & innovations

Eat the feet! (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our shiitakes from Finland for instance are specially cultivated that also the foot is edible. Nice and tender. So not tough and no slicing-off anymore. Eat it all! No longer the boring ‘Asian way sliced’ cap. Now you can present a full and tasty mushroom in your dishes!


quality through an indisputable international network

To secure the continuity and quality off our supplies, we feature an exclusive and comprehensive international network of first class suppliers. It’s also a way to spread risks. Some chefs want chanterelles only in the European high season. Some want them year-round. Thanks to our international sources, we import them almost year-round from the Balkan, Baltic and Scandinavian areas, but also from the US and Canada. And if the consumer asks for it, we even supply fresh ceps from Zambia or Namibia with Christmas. We know the way and have the addresses. This way we secure our promise to deliver the highest available quality and guarantee . . .

. . . if we don’t have them, they grow nowhere . . .


quality through daily contact with the sources

daily contact as far as the capillaries of the forests (Photo: Funghi Funghi 10/17 – Belarus picker)

Our exclusive network also guarantees novelties and scoops. We have daily contact as far as the capillaries of the forests of all global areas. Contact about the actual availability and expected harvests. But also about tailor made solutions like special sorting and sizes. And cost-efficient solutions. Ready to cook. Like our fresh mixes and sliced products. We inform our clients daily about the deliverability of our fresh mushrooms, products and prices.  


quality through fair and daily prices

Our prices vary every day. An organic market mechanism. It all depends of the best efforts of Mother Nature, the scale of the harvest and distance from the source. But also, the volume, packaging, specific edits and way of transportation to our clients, are all variants that have influence on the daily price setting.


quality through lightning fast delivery

chop-chop! rap-rap! in a jiffy! bystro-bystro! hopi-hopi! karaj-karaj! in a NY minute! subiet! dalli-dalli! hastigt! ruchy! gaz'urop!

fullsizeoutput_406.jpeg "In a jiffie" 
every night through the tunnel to England. First delivery London around 06.00 h.

Quality means fresh. And fresh means quick. The moment our little friends are picked, they start their journey. Chop-chop! En route! Dalli-Dalli! Within several hours we welcome them in our facilities in Belgium. And then it’s ‘subiet!’ quality control, selection and sorting out. Production of mixes and sliced products. Packaging, labelling and delivery. Daily via Eurotunnel, Schiphol Airport, Route du Soleil or Autobahn. Within a couple of hours, they show up in the best restaurants, at catering companies, wholesalers, and markets throughout Europa, North-America and Middle East. Miraculous!

daily and several deliveries at Rungis (F). World’s largest fresh market.


“and where can we buy you, Funghi Funghi ?”


You can buy our products at several wholesale markets and companies, at consumer markets and via specialized suppliers / local distributers for the catering and restaurant industry. Funghi Funghi doesn’t deliver directly to restaurants, chefs or consumers.

Our clients, customers and local distributers can be found in

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Gent, Paris, Rungis, Perpignan, Zürich, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Madeira, Azores, Prague, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Dublin, Stockholm, Malmö, Helsingborg, Karlstad, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Ruhr area, Reykjavik, Valletta, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Milan, Verona, New York, Miami, Portland, Middletown, San Francisco, Vancouver.

For exact information about points of sale / clients and distributers, just give our traders a call or mail to:



"and were can we taste you, Funghi Funghi?"

Our little friends can be found on dishes at catering companies, at people’s homes and at hundreds of restaurants in Europe, North-America and Middle East. Restaurants, hotels, brasseries and other eatery in all varieties, sizes and gradation.

our mushrooms end up at 36 Michelin stars in the UK!

Logo Michelin

Thanks to our passionated and devoted UK-clients, 36 Michelin star awarded restaurants work with our mushrooms. Of witch 15 restaurants with 1 Michelin star and 6 with 2 stars. And the ‘proof of the pudding’; 

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester***Flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay***, The Waterside Inn*** 
(and that are 3 of the total of 5 UK-restaurants with 3 Michelin stars!).


quality by controlling and securing

Guarantees with respect to quality and food safety is of interest for our clients, consumers and end-users. And therefore also for us.


Since the summer of 2017 we have moved into a new building of 5,000 m2 with 1,500 m2 of refrigerated warehouses and production facilities. From day one, our people from Quality & Sustainability, Supply Chain and Operations worked hard to set up the quality system for this complex. In the meantime we are BRC and BIO certified! With which Funghi Funghi meets the Global Standard for Food Safety. This allows the end user to enjoy good quality and safe mushrooms with confidence.