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about us . . .

mycelium network: thát’s our inspiration!

Our inspiration, method and approach, we borrow from an unique phenomenon; the mycelium and its surroundings. Not well known, but in the underground biosphere unique processes take place. The thread wires of the mycelium live in symbiosis with roots of plants and trees. In one system, one chain. Communicating and ‘trading’ with one another by exchanging vital nutrients through the fragile and extensive underground network of wires. And by doing so, maintaining themselves and the total system.

Scientifically is proven that trees, plants, fungus and other underground species are connected this way. And communicate and 'trade’ by exchanging nutrients and elements in areas of more than 100 square kilometers!       

handling in Romania: everybody in the chain is important. Ánd every cep . . . (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our chain looks like the mycelium network. Although above ground and global, but every player in the chain is depending on the other. From picker to chef and everybody in between. And when you look at it this way, working together, sharing, appreciation and helping are vital for everyone individually and the chain as a whole.

That’s why we go beyond 'just trading'. Realizing (just for a moment) every day that the people, the chain and the little gifts from Mother Nature are together in one unique system. A unique network. That thought makes everybody happy!


sharing: thát makes everyone happy!

in the blue foot nursery marl caves with Belgium chefs (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Sharing knowledge, ideas, tips, developments and experiences is important for every member in the chain. Ánd good fun too! For the picker, our trucker, our main office staff, our workers in the stockrooms, and off course our clients. And last but not least, for chefs, food bloggers, journalists, food designers, product and recipe developers, food lovers and everybody who in a way is interested in edible mushrooms as a gastronomic feature.

Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to connect people in the fields of gastronomy and mushrooms. Via our website and social media channels, but also via face to face or life communications. By developing and organizing, in collaboration with our clients, information meetings, workshops, seminars, inspiring sessions, tastings and gastro trips to the source. For our clients, their clients and media.

Interested or questions? Let us know via gastronomy@funghifunghi.com


Fungi workshops . . . always a lot of questions . . . ánd answers! (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

What we learn in personal meetings with (top) chefs, and during our meetings and workshops, is that there is relatively a lot still unknown about edible mushrooms. Most people only know the white button, and most gourmands stop after calling “ceps, chanterelles and truffles”. We help to discover the unknown. Discover new tastes, forms and colours. Show how they taste and how to cook them. 

think like a chef: thát’s our crux!

fullsizeoutput_3c7.jpegMiraculous . . .
. . . our products in hundreds of top restaurants worldwide !!

Of course we think about our clients. But it doesn’t end here. Because our clients are not the end-users. Thinking as, and communicating with, chefs and other end-users, means that you know why you do the things you do. That you can give more significance in working together. That signals, good and bad, stand out directly and are input for customer-oriented decisions and solutions. Thát’s the crux of doing business the year 2018. And that’s our crux.

be an authority: our humble ambition!

Funghi Funghi products for sale at our client on the renowned Borough Market London (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our long-term ambition is, without any form of arrogance, to be an authority in the field of wild and special cultivated mushrooms. We want to fulfill an supporting and informative role for the end-users of our products: chefs, consumers, gourmands and food lovers. By putting the gastronomical possibilities of mushrooms ‘better on the global menu’. And to be distinctive significant for our global clients: local traders and companies in food and agro industry.