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Moriel, kip, saliefresh early spring morels, tips of asparagus, poultry, crispy sage (Phote Funghi Funghi 2018)

Here you’ll find recipes, ideas and tips from (and for) famous chefs, rising stars, the Funghi Funghi staff, gourmands, bloggers and food lovers. Sometimes with a (instruction) film and / or interviews. We’re also happy to share yóur fungi recipes with the rest of the world. And back and forth. No matter if you’re a professional or amateur.

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Mushroom Carpaccio . . . experience the pure taste !!

With this dish you really 'honor' mushrooms; as a sophisticated starter, as a walking dinner snack or as a luxurious festive vegetarian starter. Easy to make and you can choose from different types of mushrooms that can be eaten raw. The nutty taste notes are supported with some hazelnut oil and a lukewarm reduction of chicken stock and mushroom gravy. As a 'crispy item' (always good for mouthfeel and taste) you can go crazy. We have already decorated this carpaccio with crunchy Parmesan cheese, chicken skin, fried chicken liver, quail breast and goose liver.

Leon van Basten – Funghi Funghi

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Risotto da Carmine . . . con fungi primavera !!  


An authentic Italian risotto. Easy to digest, simple to make of only fresh ingredients. ‘Primavera’, so with wild spring mushrooms. I cook risotto the Italian way. So no cream, no sour cream and al dente. Parsley and union from my own kitchen garden, mushrooms from you guys, Arborio rice from Italy and a homemade broth. That are the basics.


Carmine Guidice

Chef owner of Ristorante Pasta e Vino, Maastricht area, The Netherlands


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Quesadilles with Maitake!

Quick, vega, superfood bite!


A combination of Maitake mushroom (Hen of the woods or Sheep’s head), wild spinach, goat cheese, Fontina cheese and some drops of hazelnut oil. That’s the base. Multi usable ! As filling for quesadillas, wraps or rolls. As pizza topping or on toast. As a complete dish, tapas bite or tasty snack.

My recipe is based on small quesadillas with avocado dip. Enjoy!

Leon van Basten – Funghi Funghi

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Spring is in the air!

Fresh morels, poultry, asparagus, sage


End of February and spring is in the air! The first fresh spring mushroom is already available. From Turkey. And in several weeks during the high season starts in the Balcan, Baltic and Pyrenean areas starts.

The recipe is a classic combination, were the morels have a prominent part. With chicken, coquelet or guinea fawl. Filets or legs. With a soft creamy sauce, perfumed with a touch of crispy sage. 

Leon van Basten - Funghi Funghi

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lasagne with chanterelles


A beautiful vegetarian dish. Full of Umami character. A ‘bomb’ of taste. Combinations of sweets like apricot from the chanterelles and the Gruyere cheese. Cook it in the high season, and you get value for money. Of course, you can replace for other mushrooms or a mixture. I sometimes sauté minced veal of beef together with the mushrooms. Anyway, a nice main dish to combine with some bread and salad. Enjoy!

Leon van Basten - Funghi Funghi

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Ho Ho Ho ! Festive Fungi appetizer!


A delightful and tasty appetizer. A creamy vegetarian  tapenade composed of young cream cheese, black trumpet mushrooms and perfumed with a tough of truffle. Not only for the Christmas holidays, but year-round as appetizer, as aperitif snack or as tasteful bite on parties.

While your guests have a drink and this food sharing appetizer, you ‘buy’ some time and space in the kitchen for preparing the first course’. Easy and relaxed! Especially because you can make this tapenade the day before.

This way you can enjoy your Christmas diner as well!

Ho Ho Ho !

Leon van Basten – Funghi Funghi

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