First Funghi Insights with chef’s recipe !!


Risotto con fungi primavera !!

A short movie / vlog, showing how Italian chef Carmine Guidici makes a beautiful risotto with early spring wild mushrooms. The recipe you’ll find on our website.



our first ‘FUNGHI INSIGHTS’ movie !!

This Funghi Insights movie shows how Romanian ceps are picked, handled and distributed. In no time! Meet all passionate people involved in the chain. See how they’re cooked, plated and served by Michelin star awarded chefs and rising stars. Daily deliveries at restaurants, catering companies, wholesalers and food markets throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.

‘Funghi Insights’ movie released in Berlin!


On February 7, 8 and 9 we will release the first Funghi Insights movie in Berlin. In our stand at the Fruitlogistica fair (Hall 11.1 / booth B-27). The largest fruit and vegetable fair in the world.

A movie that gives you insights on the picking, handling and global distribution of hand-picked Romanian ceps. A movie that shows you how our ceps arrive in no time in London and what our clients and Michelin star awarded chefs have to say about them.


24 Nov 2017
We’re delighted to exchange ideas, get acquainted, meet again, answer questions and inspire you in Berlin. The Fruit Logistica is the world’s largest trade fair in fruit and vegetables.
24 Nov 2017
The feet of our Finnish cultivated shiitakes are nice and soft, just as its cap. So from now on, you can let your guests eat the feet. And that means less work in your kitchen. No need for tidying up “tough” feet. No more dreary presentations of merely sliced caps. Now you can present this tasty mushroom in its full glory. Quite a smart and decorative novelty to use in your kitchen and a tasty one as well!
24 Nov 2017
On our website we share recipes of famous chefs or rising stars, gourmands, bloggers, fungi-lovers and our Funghi-Funghi staff. Sometimes combined with vlog, video or interview. So, we are especially interested in your mushroom recipes, ideas or tips! Interested in sharing fungi-stuff with the rest of the world...