dried mushrooms . . .

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6 Drogen.jpgdried morels


Little Umami bombs!

According to some chefs, gourmands, food bloggers, some dried mushrooms are even more tasteful than fresh ones. Due to the concentration of flavors and the extreme tasty residue juice after soaking them. Important though is the way of drying them. An option is to dry them yourself by putting them for a night in an oven on 40 degrees Celsius. “And that gorgeous smell in the morning is always so nice in autumn” we here you say. But fact is, that what you smell, you lost in taste. This is, by the way, also more or less the case with ‘sun dried or air dried’ mushrooms.

      ‘So if you know so well, what’s the best way to dry them then, Funghi Funghi ?’ . . .

. . . by subliming them! Sublime!

industrial freeze-dry installation

The best way to dry mushrooms, fruit or vegetables is to ‘freeze-dry’ or sublime them. This industrial process means that the mushrooms are frozen very quickly to minus 50 to 80 degrees Celsius. That way crystallization of water is not possible, causing hardly any damage to the structure and texture. Thereafter several days under low pressure and minus 20 degrees Celsius. During this phase, the water in the mushrooms doesn’t thaws, but directly evaporates from the frozen situation. This is the actual sublimation process. That means that only the water evaporates and not the elements that determines the taste patron. This way almost all fragrances, flavorings and texture remain behind in our dried mushroom.

use the juice!

fullsizeoutput_3bc.jpeg The residue of the soaking giffs ‘soul’ to every dish 
(Foto: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Dried mushrooms are expensive” we sometimes here. Well, the industrial sublimation process is in fact expensive. Expensive machines, lots of time and energy. Nevertheless, the result is an extremely high concentrated product. You only need a little bit to get tremendous flavors. Besides that, the residue juice gives a massive boost of Umami to many dishes. Than is the question ‘what’s expensive . . .?


our dried friends . . .


      - Chanterelles

      - Ceps

      - Judea ear

      - Early spring morels

      - Shiitake

      - Black trumpet


Our dried mushrooms we supply in drums of 400 – 500 grams (depending on the specific weight).