D   R   I   E   D       F   U   N   G   I

      V A L U E   F O R   M O N E Y 



                                                                                                                                        Dried morels (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

l i t t l e   U m a m i   b o m b s  

According to a number of chefs, gourmands, food bloggers, some dried mushrooms are even tastier than fresh ones. Because of the concentrated taste and the extremely tasteful well-being. The drying method is important here. 

s p e c i a l   d r y i n g   c a b i n e t s

Our mushrooms are air-dried in special drying cabinets. This method preserves the flavors, colors and fragrances (but also the texture) very well. Because of this you need relatively little in the kitchen to get a lot of taste.

Drying mushrooms yourself is not that difficult; clean well with a brush, slice large mushrooms (not too thin) and place in a warm oven overnight at 40 ° C. Store in a well-sealed jar in a dark place.

u s e   t h e   j u i c e   ! !


'Golden' soaking fluid of Chanterelles. Gives your recipes a 'deep soul' (Photo: Funghi Kitchen 2019)


v a l u e   f o r   m o n e y

"Dried mushrooms are expensive" we sometimes hear. Professional drying is also expensive; expensive machines, lots of time and energy. But the result is an extremely concentrated product, of which you need very little to give flavor to a dish. In addition, the moisture is fantastic to use in a dish and gives a 'boost' from Umami. And then the question is "what is expensive"? . . . 

o u r   d r i e d   f r i e n d s


Dried range in drums of 400 - 500 grams (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2018)     


      C h a n t e r e l l e s                     C e p s                 J u d e a   e a r                  M o r e l s    


E a r l y   s p r i n g   m o r e l s                 S h i i t a k e           B l a c k   t r u m p e t                  


                                              F o r e s t   m i x


Our dried mushrooms we supply in drums of 400 – 500 grams (depending on the specific weight).