F   R   E   S   H       P   R   O   D   U   C   T   S 

  R E A D Y   T O   C O O K


t  a  s  t  y     |     e  a  s  y     |     c  o  s  t  -  e  f  f  i  c  i  e  n  t 

Fresh products . . . ready to cook (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2019)

l e t   u s   d o   y o u r   d i r t y   w o r k

No time, no manpower and no unnecessary work in your kitchen? We like to help you here. That’s why we take care of cleaning, slicing, sorting and mixing our fresh mushrooms and processed products. You gain precious time, have less junk to clean and you create more professional hands at the stove.

The various mushroom products we compose on a daily basis. On the one hand we compose on our own initiative, but often on specifications from our clients. All daily compositions are depending on the actual availability of wild mushrooms.

c  l  e  a  n     &     d  r  y   


Hardly any moss, pine needles, twigs, leaves .. . . ready to cook! (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Most mushrooms, even ordered by sort, we deliver as clean as possible. Ánd dry! Also, an important quality characteristic. Stripped of most moss, pine needles, sand, earth, etc. We carefully check all our mushrooms if they are free of any vermin, like worms, snails or maggots and free of other fungi that don’t belong there.

And that saves you a lot of time in your kitchen. Nevertheless, we recommend to check again before preparation. Despite the strict supervision of our department of Quality & Sustainability, it are still products of Mother Nature.   

s  l  i  c  e  d     |     c  u  s  t  o  m  i  z  e  d     s  o  r  t  i  n  g  s

Special sorting of Amanita eggs (Caesar's mushrooms) (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Lots of chefs have specific wishes concerning dimensions and sorting. Like the eggs of the Caesar’s mushroom or the little buttons of Ceps or Chestnut mushrooms. But also ‘minis’ of the Chanterelle (1-3 cm to be specific) or of the Wood blewit (Pied bleu).


Taylor made sliced Ceps, average ripening and size, in halve (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Also, specific wishes concerning pre-sliced fresh mushrooms. Some chefs want their ceps in half. Others want them in slices of a specific thickness.


m  i  x  e  s 

Wild mixes  . . . 4 times 250 grams (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

We deliver mixed products in three varieties: the wild mix, composed of 100% wild mushrooms, the multikulti mix, a combination of wild and cultivated mushrooms and our cultivated mix of exclusively cultivated mushrooms.

For clients with specific ‘mixed feelings and wishes’ we compile, in consultation, customized mixes.

We deliver our mixes by 1 or 3 KG in stackable carton boxes and in smaller sealed packaging of 2 x 500 grams or
4 x 250 grams. For industrial clients we deliver in bulk.


w i l d   m i x e s

1 kg wild mixes (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

With this product, you offer your guests an impression of what is actually growing in the forests. This mix only contains wild hand-picked mushrooms. The composition depends of the actual availability at that moment. Based on this availability we can compose customized wild mixes with various exclusivity and price.

m u l t i k u l t i   m i x e s

fullsizeoutput_2dd.jpeg  Luxury multikulti mix
                                                                                                          (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our mixes composed of both wild and cultivated mushrooms, offer you on the one hand the exposure of the season. On the other hand, they secure your continuity; cultivated mushrooms are usually year-round available. The ratio between wild and cultivated can be aligned in consultation. This also applies to the exclusivity of the mushrooms. An interesting and cost-efficient ingredient for several dishes, soups or sauces.


c u l t i v a t e d   m i x e s

fullsizeoutput_3b8.jpeg  Luxury cultivated mix
                                                                                                          (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Mixes with only cultivated mushrooms are not only tasty, but give you the comfort of designing your menu based on continuity. Continuity in delivery and cost price control. Besides these advantages we can also compose you a tailor-made mix.


s  l  i  c  e  d     &     m  i  x  e  d   

Grey oyster, Chanterelle, Button mushroom, thyme (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2019)


                                    n i c e   f o r   ' l e   c h e f '  . . . 

         ( á n d   f o r   'l e   c o m m i s'   ! ! )

Ready, clean and direct processable. Daily fresh sliced and mixed mushrooms. These mixes are usually composed with ¾ cultivated and ¼ wild mushrooms. If wished, we can add fresh garden herbs and/or deliver specific customized mixes.

These sliced mixes we deliver in sealed packaging: 3 x 300 gr.