Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber uncinatum
NL Herfst- of Bourgondische truffel
EN Autumn or Burgundy truffle
FR Truffe Bourguignonne
DE Herbst- oder Burgunder-Trüffel
ES Trufa de otoño o Borgoña
SEASON Sep 15 - Jan 31
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

The Autumn truffle or Burgundian truffle (Tuber uncinatum), is also called Champagne, Lorraine or Grey truffle.

Price indication: € 200 - 400 per kilo.

The Burgundian truffle is very similar to the Summer Truffle. However, the round shape is usually more regular and the surface has clear pyramid-shaped scales. The flesh varies from dark to chocolate brown and is strongly veined.

The smell of porcini mushrooms and especially humus is more striking than the summer truffle, but less complex and strong than the Black truffle.

The Burgundian truffle is best heated by spreading its aromatic scents to gnocchi, pasta, mushrooms and creamy sauces. Prepared by itself (as is possible with a Black truffle) gives less pleasure.

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber borchii
NL Borchii truffel
EN Borchii truffle
FR Truffe Bianchetto
DE Borchii Trüffel
ES Trufa Bianchetto
SEASON Jan - Mar
SORTING Sorting 20 - 60 grams

"Bianchetto truffles", also known as "Marzuolo truffle" (Tuber Borchii), are abundant in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Piedmont and Marche. Can easy be confused with the exclusive White truffle (Tuber Magnatum) because at first sight it masks the same characteristics: irregular, smooth and off-white color, but the difference is that when the Bianchetto matures, the meat becomes darker. The taste is less refined and pronounced like the White truffle.

The scent is the most important characteristic that distinguishes itself from the White truffle. If it is soft and pleasant at first, it will become garlic-like or even rancid after a while.

If you can buy 'White truffles' after January 15, then you are usually dealing with a Borchii truffle. Not the same quality and not the same price. However, a nice alternative in the late winter.

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber melanosporum
NL Zwarte (Périgord) truffel
EN Black (Perigord) truffle
FR Truffe noire (de Périgord)
DE Schwarze (Perigord) Trüffel
ES Trufa (de Perigord) negra
SEASON Nov - Mar (Dec 1 - Mar 31 in France)
HIGH SEASON Dec (high demand) / Feb - Mar (best quality)
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

The Black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is 'the King' among the black truffles. Also called Périgord truffle, Tricastin truffle, Rabasse, and in Italy Spoleto or Norcia truffle.

Price indication: € 600 - 1,500 per kilo.

The format varies between that of a quail egg and an apple. The weight varies between 10 and 100 grams (the record is 1.4 KG).

The Black truffle can be recognized by the complexity and richness of its perfume. Rustic, subtle and powerful, at the same time fresh and warm. Depending on the origin and the season you will come across tones of fresh herbs, tobacco, carrot, humus, mushroom, but also leather, juniper and musk.

Not to be confused with the, also black colored, Winter Truffle (Tuber Brumale).

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber indicum
NL Chinese truffel
EN Chinese truffle
FR Truffe Chinoise
DE Chinesische Trüffel
ES Trufa China
SEASON Aug - Oct
SORTING Sorting 20 - 60 grams

The special feature of the Chinese truffle (Tuber indicum) is that it closely resembles a small version of the Black truffle. However, this small truffle is of low gastronomic value and is therefore sold at a lower price. The flesh is more elastic and the taste less pronounced than the Black truffle. However, this can only be determined after purchase. Chefs mainly use this truffle as a visual and decorative element in dishes with their own distinct taste.

The Chinese truffle is grown . . . 

Due to the high prices of truffles, people have been trying to grow truffles for years, but sowing is still not possible. That is why they grow young trees on tracts of land where truffles grow and then move them to suitable areas elsewhere. Then it is a matter of waiting and hoping; at least eight years depending on the species.

In Spain, absolute top quality Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) are currently grown on planted oaks in orchards of hundreds of hectares.

Int. trade name


LATIN Mattirolomyces terfezioides
NL Honing truffel
EN Honey truffle
FR Truffe au miel
DE Honigtrüffel
ES Trufa de miel
SEASON Apr - Nov
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

Put a "saccharin sweet for coffee" on your tongue; it almost burns with intense sweets. The Honey truffle is often so sweet too !! Smells delicate to white truffle, tastes slightly thorough and truffle-like, but is also very sweet and therefore 90% sugar. Unlikely !!

Nice to use in desserts, ice cream, cakes. Our favorite application is as a wafer-thin garnish on a "baveuse" hot foam omelet. For chefs a 'must have' with unique features and again a 'story to tell'.

The honey truffles grow mainly in Hungary, in the "Robinia Pseudoacacia Forest" and in the rich sandy soils along the Danube river.

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber aestivum
NL Zomertruffel
EN Summer truffle
FR Truffe d'été ou Truffe de la Saint-Jean
DE Sommertrüffel
ES Trufo de verano o Trufo de San Juan
SEASON EU : May - Sep ( IRAN : Feb - Apr )
HIGH SEASON May 1 - Sep 30
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

Price indication: € 100 - 200 per KG.

The Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is often quite round and sometimes irregular with outstretching scales.

Sometimes called 'White summer truffle' because of the light flesh of still-unripe specimens. The ripe Summer truffle has a pale beige to hazelnut brown color.

Smells lightly of barley malt, dried mushroom and also humus.

The Summer truffle has little pronounced taste. The taste is to be experienced best by not heating it and giving it finely chopped some complexity to seasonal products, salads, peas, Mozzerella. And of course, like all truffles, to egg preparations.

Is the only truffle available in the aforementioned period of the year, therefore not to be confused with other black truffles.

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber magnatum
NL Witte truffel
EN White truffle
FR Truffe blanche d'Alba
DE Weiße Trüffel
ES Trufa blanca
SEASON Oct - Dec
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

The White truffle (Tuber magnatum), also called Tartufo bianco di Alba or Piemonte or Acqualagnat truffle.

Price indication: € 3,000 - 5,500 per kilo.

The smell of White truffles is strong, powerful, sharp, even gassy. There are vegetable aromas, mainly from garlic, but also cabbage, chives and fennel. There are also nuances of Parmesan cheese recognizable.

In the kitchen the White truffle is more a perfume than an ingredient. When heated above 50 C, the volatile aromas evaporate within a few minutes. Usually grating or planing (cut into wafer-thin slices) the best above a prepared dish.

Int. trade name


LATIN Tuber brumale
NL Wintertruffel
EN Winter truffle
FR Truffe d'hiver
DE Wintertrüffel
ES Trufa de invierno
SEASON Dec - Apr
SORTING Sorting 20 - 80 grams

The Winter truffle (Tuber brumale) is a black truffle, veined with light-colored veins.

The Winter truffle is collected at the same time as the Black truffle, looks almost the same on the outside and is quite rare. The braid of broad veins is less dense than that of the Black truffle. Smell and taste are also less intensive.

The scaly pyramidal shell (the peridium) is easier to release than with the Black truffle and the flesh has fewer, but more striking, broad veins.