Helping to discover . . . inspiring meetings !

There is still much to discover about the world of edible mushrooms. With our rich assortment of about 70 types of edible mushrooms on an annual basis, there is a lot of knowledge to be shared. And we like to do that. We surprise, amaze and inspire many during our activities. Workshops, tastings, lectures, presentations and gastrotrips. We all do. With chefs, rising stars, students, our customers, the media and interested gourmands. Want to know more about our activities? Click on the links below.

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More info mail to or call Leon van Basten  0031 629 036 036


'Funghi insights' . . . have a glimps in the Swedish forests !

Take a look in the Swedish forests. See Ola, our supplier in Sweden, looking every day for the best quality wild mushrooms with around 6,000 pickers.

Funghi Insights-film


Students famous Dutch cookery institute visited Funghi Kitchen

Students from the prestigious Cas Spijkers Academy recently visited Funghi Funghi. To get to know, taste and cook with, the range of mushrooms that we are currently processing. The extremely driven and enthusiastic rising stars at the Cas Spijkers Academy, all work at the top of Dutch gastronomy. They work 4 days a week and study 1 day for a period of 3 years. Read more . . .



It was regularly nice and busy at our stand during the world's largest fruit and vegetable trade fair, the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin. Nice and busy with customers, potentials, suspects, media, influencers and interested parties. In addition to "catching up" with our international customers, also a lot of sharing information and new customers were recruited. In Europe, the Middle East and the US.


In short, for Funghi Funghi an annual recurring phenomenon in February !!! For 2020 we therefore already say: Wir sehen uns in Berlin !!


2018. . . our first full year of operation. Thanks to all our 250 customers !!!

After our flying start in the fall of 2017, we can now (January 2019) look back to a beautiful 2018. The first full year for Funghi Funghi !! We have supplied our 67 different types of fresh mushrooms and fresh mushroom products, to no fewer than 250 customers in 23 countries. In Europe, North America and the Middle East !!

We are a little proud, but most of all very grateful for our loyal customers !!! We will do our utmost to provide you, also in 2019, with optimum service, accessibility and information, and to continue to fascinate you and occasionally surprise you.




Dieser Funghi Insights Film zeigt, wie rumänische Steinpilze gepflückt, gehandhabt und verteilt werden. In zehr kürzester Zeit! Treffen Sie alle leidenschaftlichen Menschen, die an der Kette beteiligt sind. Sehen Sie, wie sie gekocht, plattiert und von Sterneköchen und aufsteigenden Sternen serviert werden. Tägliche Lieferungen in Restaurants, Catering-Unternehmen, Großhändler und Lebensmittelmärkte in ganz Europa, Nordamerika und dem Nahen Osten.


Erste Funghi Insights mit Kochrezept !!

Risotto mit Pilzen Primavera !!

Ein kurzer Film / Vlog, der zeigt, wie der italienische Chefkoch Carmine Guidici ein schönes Risotto mit wilden Pilzen aus dem frühen Frühling herstellt. Das Rezept finden Sie auf unserer Website.

Guten apetit !


'Funghi Insights' Film in Berlin veröffentlicht!

Am 7., 8. und 9. Februar werden wir den ersten Funghi Insights Film in Berlin veröffentlichen. In unserem Stand auf der Fruitlogistica (Halle 11.1 / Stand B-27). Die größte Obst- und Gemüsemesse der Welt.

Ein Film, der Ihnen Einblicke in die Auswahl, Handhabung und den weltweiten Vertrieb handverlesener rumänischer Steinpilze gibt. Ein Film, der Ihnen zeigt, wie unsere Steinpilze in kürzester Zeit in London ankommen und was unsere Kunden und mit einem Michelin-Stern ausgezeichneten Köche über sie zu sagen haben.


come visit us in Berlin!

We’re delighted to exchange ideas, get acquainted, meet again, answer questions and inspire you in Berlin. The Fruit Logistica is the world’s largest trade fair in fruit and vegetables.


share your gourmet fungi recipes, ideas or tips

On our website we share recipes of famous chefs or rising stars, gourmands, bloggers, fungi-lovers and our Funghi-Funghi staff. Sometimes combined with vlog, video or interview. So, we are especially interested in your mushroom recipes, ideas or tips! Interested in sharing fungi-stuff with the rest of the world...


eat the feet


Eat the feet


The feet of our Finnish cultivated shiitakes are nice and soft, just as its cap. So from now on, you can let your guests eat the feet. And that means less work in your kitchen. No need for tidying up “tough” feet. No more dreary presentations of merely sliced caps. Now you can present this tasty mushroom in its full glory. Quite a smart and decorative novelty to use in your kitchen and a tasty one as well!