M   U   S   H    'B  R  R  R '   O   O   M   S

t  a  s  t  y     |     s  m  a  r  t     |     a  l  w  a  y  s     i  n     s  t  o  c  k

Frozen mushrooms . . . often used to make basic soups and sauces (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2018)


s m a r t   a l t e r n a t i v e s    

Lots of chefs achieve fantastic results with frozen products. And that’s smart sometimes, because frozen products are excellent and payable alternatives. Also, with mushrooms! With the full taste of the forests, the autumn and the unique taste of a specific mushroom. And always with this mysterious hint of Umami, that gives soul and body to your soups, sauces and is an amazing taste accelerator for various preparations and dishes.


a f f o r d a b l e   a l t e r n a t i v e s

Frozen mushrooms are, looking from a cost-price perspective, quite interesting. There are moments in the season that we can’t sell our mushrooms anymore as ‘First Class’ or ‘Premium choice’. Because they are visual júst not good enough. On the other hand, they are still very taste authentic and we process them into interesting frozen products. Slices, cubes, whole mushrooms (mini buttons, in half, large or mixed). Clean and high speed frozen, so ready to cook. Just let them thaw easily and come on room temperature. For some dishes they are great to process as a whole, for other applications they are a tasteful accelerator and natural liaison.

o u r   f r o z e n   f r i e n d s 

'Frozen forest' (not for sale) (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Not all mushrooms are suitable to freeze. Main reason is the loss of sensorial characteristics (color, odor, taste and texture). Some ‘survive’ a residence of minus 18 degrees Celsius well . . .


             Ceps   Whole (nobs 2 - 4 cm, middle, large) /  in half / in slices / in cubes (2 x 2 cm)

                                                                                         Chanterelles   Mini (2 - 3 cm) / mixed sizes

 Morels        Early spring mini / middle / large / mixed sizes

                                      Black truffles     Sommer / winter (all frozen truffles we sell are vacuumed).
                                                                            By the truffle / by weight / by the KG, with sizes between 20 - 100 gr.  

All frozen mushrooms are 'loose frozen'. Besides truffles, you can order our frozen products in boxes of 5 - 8 kg or in bulk.