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Thanks to our passionate and committed customers in the UK, 36 Michelin stars work with our mushrooms and mushroom products. Of which 15 restaurants with 1 Michelin star and 6 with 2 stars. And as "proof of the pudding"

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester ***     Flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay ***     The Waterside Inn ***

. . . and that's 3 of the 5 restaurants in England with 3 Michelin stars !!


m a k i n g   t h e   d i f f e r e n c e   t o g é t h e r

Deliver top quality together. . . some buyers of one of our customers in London (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

s h o u t i n g   t h a t   y o u   a r e   t h e   g r e a t e s t   s a y s   n o t h i n g    

The quality of products, food safety checks, certification, continuity in delivery, 'a deal is a deal'. For us these are all natural conditions. If you do not have these in order, you will be overtaken on all sides. Selling this is a thing of the past. Everyone can rely on that blindly with us.

Quality goes further with us. More than saying that you are 'the greatest'. Or 'the best'. That says nothing to nobody. So, don't chat, just roll up your sleeves and actually give meaning. With passion, fun and some guts!

For us, quality is synonymous with making a difference for and together with our customers. That's what we like to sell! And that is about collaboration, sharing and supporting information. About transparency and actively thinking along with our customers. And with all other interested parties. Even without a direct business interest.


h e l p i n g   c h e f s   d i s c o v e r

Helping students discover .. . "Incredible... this Chicken of the woods really tastes like chicken !!" (Photo Funghi Kitchen 2019)

Chefs want products of the highest quality and / or with the best price-quality ratio. Logical! And with quality criteria such as 'clean and dry, super fresh, great taste, beautiful shape and good color'. But also with economic quality criteria. As a result of (among other things) an unfortunately chronic and growing shortage of young people interested in entering the cooking trade. So hands short.

That's why we try to lend a hand here and there. By contributing to the reduction of unnecessary work in the kitchen, among other things. That is why we deliver all mushrooms as clean and dry as possible. We also supply pre-cut and mixed mushrooms. In all shapes and sizes. As the chef wants.
Everything in favor of more hands on the stove !​​​​ ​ ​


o f f e r   t h e   u n k n o w n 

Cordyceps. . . new, bred, extremely tasteful, interesting shape and color and with a bizarre story (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2018)

7 0   v a r i e t i e s   o n   a n   a n n u a l   b a s i s

Within our range of wild mushrooms, we use two concepts: 'regular' and 'specialty'. Within our range of cultivated mushrooms, these are 'regular' and 'exotic'. Together they form a common and interesting basic assortment that consists of about 70 types of edible mushrooms on an annual basis. Sufficient variety and gastronomic options.

A large part of the approximately 100,000 mushroom species is edible. There is also a third grade: that of 'by-catch'. These mushrooms are not part of our basic range, but are occasionally offered as by-catch by our pickers. There are chefs who ask us to buy specific varieties if they are available.

n o v e l i e s   &   s c o o p s

Royal chestnut (photo) and Cordyceps. . . 2 new special mushrooms in 2017 (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our exclusive network also guarantees novelties and firsts. We are in daily contact. Up to the capillaries of most European forests and with specialist growers. About the current availability and expected harvest. We inform our customers daily about the available fresh mushrooms, special products and prices.

For us, launching scoops is not an end in itself. We certainly have them, but limited and do not advertise them. Partly because in practice it appears that chefs often prefer to wait until the prices are more interesting. In addition, we are always on the lookout for new types of mushrooms in the world.

i n n o v a t i o n s 


Durable and less expensive. . . organic Mini Shiitake from the Netherlands (Photo Funghi Funghi 2019)

F u n g h i   S h i i t a k e . . . m i n i ,  o r g a n i c . . . f r o m   n e a r b y

These mini Funghi Shiitake are exclusively grown for us in the Netherlands. Comparable in all respects to the well-known and popular mini Shiitake from Finland (also called Polar Shiitake). Our Dutch mini Funghi Shiitake are also of absolute top quality, but less expensive and more sustainable because of the cultivation in the Netherlands.

E  A  T    T  H  E    F  E  E  T    !  !

Funghi Shiitake are cultivated in such a way that the stalk is also edible. Tender and soft. So no more chewy and cut off. Eat! And no longer the eternal 'Asian way' of cutting (slices from just the hat). From now on, the chef will have a 'new' and complete, tasteful mushroom chair to present with hat and stem in its entirety. Remove only the bottom part of the stem.

z e r o   w a s t e

Mushrooms that we no longer want to sell as Class 1 can be used perfectly to make long-life products. We dry them, freeze them and we are now working hard on the development of stock and stock.

d r i e d   &   f r o z e n


Kilos of fresh Judas ear ready to be dried (Photo Funghi FUnghi 2019)

t a s t e   e n h a n c e r s


Flavor enhancers. . . Porcini mushrooms coarse and powder (Photo Funghi Funghi 2020)

z e r o   p l a s t i c

Our mixes in sustainable packaging with a sprig of thyme (Photo Funghi Funghi 2019)

As of 2020, we have started to give shape to our Zero waste target. Less plastic through sustainable packaging and working with cardboard packaging with biodegradable top seal.

t h y m e   i n   o u r   ( s l i c e d )   m i x e s

Until now we decorated our (cut) mixes with festive sprigs of chives or parsley. Because almost everyone, and 'therefore' also we, do it that way. We were happy every time when the pallets with these 'fresh gifts' left our Cutting and Sorting Department.

We were not very happy with the culinary value for the end users. That had to be better. That had to be different. . . So, we replaced the traditional chives and parsley with some nice sprigs of fresh thyme. Thyme enriches, refines and perfects the taste of most mushrooms. Thyme gives 'soul'. If you fry some thyme and a crushed garlic clove with the mushrooms, they will give flavor to the shortening and therefore a hint to the mushrooms. . . exactly what you need !!

f a c i l i t a t i n g   i n   s t o r y t e l l i n g

Honey truffle. . . story apart (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Unknown makes unloved. By actively communicating with professionals and interested parties about edible mushrooms, we try to draw more attention to the special flavors, presentation and gastronomic possibilities. Because, what is the story behind the Honey truffle? And why does Pom Pom blanc taste like hazelnut? Or Coral mushroom to radish? But also other facts: how they grow, multiply or where they come from. We like to share it and thus support chefs, restaurateurs and gastronomes in surprising their guests. And provide input for the chef, maître d 'or host / hostess for storytelling at the table. We enjoy playing a meaningful role in this as well.

i n t e r n a t i o n a l   n e t w o r k

To optimally guarantee the continuity and quality of the supply, we have an exclusive and extensive international network of first-class suppliers. Call it risk spreading. For example, we can import Chanterelles all year round from various countries in the Balkans, the Baltic states, Sweden, the US and Canada. And if the customer wishes, even outside the European season, Ceps from Zambia, Namibia or South Africa. We know the way and have the addresses. And in this way we guarantee maximum delivery of the highest available quality. So, we guarantee. . .

-     i f   w e   d o n ' t   h a v e   t h e m ,   t h e y   g r o w   n o w h e r e     -

d a i l y   c o n t a c t


Daily contact down to the capillaries. . . picker in Belarus (photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our exclusive network also guarantees novelties and firsts. We are in daily contact. To the capillaries of the European forests. About the current availability and expected harvest. But also about custom solutions such as special sorting and sizes. And cost-efficient solutions. Ready to cook. Such as our fresh mixed and / or cut products. We inform our customers daily about the available fresh mushrooms, special products and prices.

d a i l y   p r i c e

Our prices vary per day. An organic market mechanism. Depending on Mother Nature's efforts, the size of the harvest and the distance from the source. But also the volume, the packaging, specific operations and the method of transport to our customers are variants that influence the price on a daily basis.

m i r a c u l o u s   f a s t   l o g i s t i c s

"In a jiffie". . . every night through the tunnel to England

          c h o p - c h o p !               e n   r o u t e !                r a p - r a p !                   

i n  a  j i f f y !             b y s t r o - b y s t r o !       h o p i - h o p i !      

   k a r a j - k a r a j !          i n  a  N Y - m i n u t e !             s u b i e t !

      d a l l i - d a l l i !           h a s t i g t !           r u c h y !           

Quality is above all fresh. And fresh has to be done quickly. As soon as our little friends are picked, they immediately go on a journey. Chop-chop! En route! Dalli-Dalli! We welcome them to us in Belgium within a few hours. And then it becomes 'instant' quality control, selection and sorting. Production of mixed and cut products. Packaging, labeling and delivery. Daily via Eurotunnel, Schiphol Airport, Route du Soleil or Autobahn. Within hours, they appear in the best restaurants, caterers, catering wholesalers and fresh markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East. . . Miraculous!


Several deliveries to Rungis (F) every day. . . the world's largest fresh market

i n t e r n a t i o n a l    c l i e n t s

Our products are for sale in various wholesale markets, consumer markets, specialized catering wholesalers and local distributors at home and abroad. However, Funghi Funghi does not supply directly to restaurants, chefs and consumers.


Daily from Amsterdam to various destinations in Europe, North America and the Middle East (Foto KLM Cargo)

D a i l y   d e l i v e r i e s

We deliver to around 250 customers in 23 countries every day. You will find our little friends at catering companies, in people's homes and in hundreds of restaurants in Europe, North America and Canada and in the Middle East. Restaurants, hotels, brasseries and other eateries in all varieties, sizes and degrees.

  Amsterdam           Rotterdam            Antwerp             Brussels 

        Ghent           Paris               Rungis                 Perpignan

   Zürich               Barcelona           Madrid                    Valencia 

           Porto            Lisbon     Faro           Madeira               Azores 

Prague      London          Manchester           Nottingham         Bristol

    Dublin           Stockholm             Malmö          Helsingbörg 

            Karlstad           Copenhagen        Frankfurt           Ruhr area

 Reykjavik      Valletta            Tel Aviv           Dubai       Milan 

     Verona               New York             Miami                     Portland

 Middletown                    San Francisco               Vancouver

For more information about our sales points, customers and local distributors, please contact one of our traders. A call or an email to info@funghifunghi.com.

c o n t r o l e    |    a s s u r a n c e    |    c e r t i f i c a t i o n

Guarantee with regard to quality and food safety is important for our customers, for the customers of our customers (chefs, consumers) and therefore also for us.

Our warehouses are also accessible in the evening and at night for drivers to deliver (Photo Funghi Funghi 2017)

Since the summer of 2017, we have moved into new premises of 5,000 m2 and 1,500 m2 of conditioned and cooled warehouses and production facilities. From day one, our people from Quality & Sustainability, Supply Chain and Operations have worked hard to set up the quality system for this complex. We have now passed with flying colors and are BRC and BIO certified! With which Funghi Funghi complies with the Global Standard for Food Safety. This way, the end user can enjoy high-quality and safe mushrooms with confidence.