A   B   O   U   T      U   S  . . .

a b o u t   h e l p i n g   t o   d i s c o v e r


No secrets . . . we'll show it to you all . . . (Foto Funghi Funghi 2019)

s  h  a  r  i  n  g     k  n  o  w  l  e  d  g  e     a  n  d     i  n  s  p  i  r  i  n  g  

There is still much to discover about the world of edible mushrooms. With our rich assortment of about 70 types of edible mushrooms on an annual basis, there is the necessary knowledge to be shared. And we like to do that. We surprise, amaze and inspire many during our activities. Workshops, tastings, lectures, presentations and gastrotrips. We do them all !


Workshop and masterclass Cas Spijkers Culinary Academy Nijmegen . . .  (Foto Funghi Funghi 2020)

For our customers, for chefs, rising stars, students, bloggers, journalists, food designers, product and recipe developers and for anyone who is slightly interested in edible mushrooms as a gastronomic phenomenon.

w o r k s h o p s   &   t a s t i n g s   i n   o u r   F u n g h i   k i t c h e n

Changing ideas and getting inspired in our Funghi kitchen (Foto Funghi Funghi 2018)

We brush you up in one half day. With us in Belgium, just across the border near the city of Breda. We look forward to welcoming you to our Funghi Kitchen for the presentation 'The world of edible mushrooms', a tour through our refrigerated warehouses, followed by a tasting. Our Funghi Kitchen is specially equipped for this. We can give you a taste, but you can also get started and experience yourself. Everything is possible.


Get to work yourself in our Funghi Kitchen . . . it's all possible (Foto Funghi Funghi 2019)


l e c t u r e s   &   p r e s e n t a t i o n s  w h e r e v e r   y o u   w a n t   t h e m

In practice, it appears that there are still many questions about edible mushrooms. Because many do not get further than summing up "Cèpes, Girolles and Truffles". Helping discover what else there are for unique types, flavors and shapes available is a great challenge for us.



Lectures, workshops, masterclasses, presentations on every location (Foto Funghi Funghi 2018)

Our inspiring lecture "The World of Edible Mushrooms" takes about an hour and can be given at any location. Lots of interesting pictures, hardly any text. Lots of interaction and many questions (and answers); Leon van Basten knows how to fascinate everyone in a light and humorous way. Also speaks the "language of the kitchen".

We organize presentations on location for larger groups, during fairs or inspiration days. We present a selection of current available mushroom varieties on just a few square meters. We are present to inform and inspire. Whether or not combined with a masterclass, tasting or cooking session or demo.


Presentations on location. Leon speaks 'the language of the kitchen' (Foto Funghi Funghi 2017)

g a s t r o t r i p s   a t   h o m e   o r   a b r o a d


Truffelhunt and teambuilding with Luigi in the Marches - Italy (Foto: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Inspiring, educational and lots of fun. In caves, at growers and in the deep forests of Europe. Often used as a team  building and with memorable and educational encounters with special people at the source of all those goodies. And of course we taste extensively. . . . and wine tasting is always part of that! Some examples:

        D O N E                                            W H E R E                 D U R A T I O N           P E R I O D 

Visit to Blue foot nursery                             caves near Maastricht (NL)            1 day                          yearround

Mushroom excursion / hunt                         Ardennes (B) of Pyrenees (F)        1 - 3 day                     sep - oct

Mushroom excursion / hunt                         Värmland - Sweden                         2 – 4 day                   jul – sep

Truffle hunt                                                   Apennines / Marches – Italy            2 – 3 day                   jul - dec

Visit truffelfarm and Barcelona                    Catalonia – Spain                             2 – 3 day                   oct - dec         

Mushroom excursion / hunt                         Carpathians – Romania                    2 – 4 day                  aug - oct        

Excursion and visit Fiera del Fungo             Borgotaro / Parma – Italy               2 – 3 day                   sept


More info ? Contact us via gastronomy@funghifunghi.com


i  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n     a  n  d     c  o  m  m  u  n  i  c  a  t  i  o  n 

We have daily contact with our suppliers. With cultivators and with the pickers in the woods. About the expectations and quality of the current harvest. About the next 'flight' in the nursery and what the weather in all those European forests will mean for the coming supplies and quality.

In addition, there is always something new or noteworthy to report from the fascinating world of edible mushrooms. Or news from the trade and sometimes a new recipe. And we share this knowledge with our customers and other interested parties on a daily and weekly basis.

F r e s h   F u n g i   a r r i v a l s  . . .  d a i l y   m a i l


Sceenshot of our daily Fresh Fungi arrival mail

Every working day we send this email to all our customers early in the morning. With a summary of what comes to us fresh that day, along with the current photos of the mushrooms in question.

F u n g h i   U p d a t e  . . .  w e e k l y   n e w s l e t t e r


Screenshot of our weekly newsletter the Funghi Update

Every week (usually on Thursday) we send our Funghi Update. A newsletter with a weekly changing theme from the world of edible mushrooms. You can consult all previously sent newsletters under a r c h i e f.
Here you can also s u b s c r i b e for the newsletter.

With (only for our customers) a link to an overview of our fully available range the following week.


Screenshot of weekly overview with availability of our complete range 


o u r   c r u x  .  .  .  t h i n k   l i k e   a   c h e f  

Students of the Cas Spijkers Culinary Academy in our Funghi Kitchen. Discover, learn and experiment (Photo: Funghi Kitchen '18)

Of course we think customer-oriented. But it doesn't stop there. Because our customers are not the end users. Thinking like (and communicating with) chefs and other end users means that you know what you're doing it for. That you can give much more meaning to collaboration. Then you can receive signals more directly and come up with solutions. That is the crux of the present time and that makes everyone happy!

s h o r t a g e   o f   h a n d s   i n   t h e   k i t c h e n 


More hands on the stove thanks to our fond and flavor-enhancing powders (Photo Funghi Funghi 2020)

'Thinking like a chef' also means 'doing'. So facilitate! For us, it means that we want to take over unnecessary work so that more hands are available on the stove for the real work. That is why we ensure that our fresh mushrooms are delivered as clean and dry as possible. That is why we cut and mix mushrooms so that they can go straight into the pan. . . ready to cook. That is why we develop products such as fungi and mushroom powders.

m  y  c  e  l  i  u  m   .  .  .   s o u r c e   o f   i n s p i r a t i o n  

We derive our inspiration, method and approach partly from a special phenomenon: the mycelium and its environment. Not so well known, but unique processes take place in the underground biosphere. The hyphae of the mycelium live in symbiosis with the roots of plants and trees. In one system, in one chain. 'Communicate' with each other and exchange nutrients. So 'trade' with each other. Help each other. Keep themselves and the whole alive. It has been scientifically proven that trees, plants, fungi and other underground organisms are thus interconnected. And sometimes communicate, 'trade' and exchange nutrients over hundreds of square kilometers!


 Handling in Romania . . . everyone in the chain is important. And every Cépe. . . (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our chain is also such a system. Above ground and worldwide, but we are all in this together. From picker to chef, and everything and everyone in between. And if you look at it that way, collaboration, sharing, appreciation and help are of vital importance. For everyone and for the entire chain.

That is why we go further than just 'flat trade'. Wondering every day (if only for a moment) about our unique fungi chain. And that everyone in our chain is important. That our mushrooms are unique little miracles. Presents from Mother Nature. That thought makes us happy!

b e   a n   a u t h o r i t y  .  .  .  o u r   h u m b l e   a m b i t i o n  


Funghi Funghi products for sale at the renowned Borough Market London (Photo: Funghi Funghi 2017)

Our ambition is to want to be "authority" in the field of edible mushrooms - without any form of arrogance. We want to play a supporting and informative role towards the end users of our products; chefs, consumers, bon vivants. To better put the gastronomic possibilities of mushrooms 'on the map' internationally. And to be of distinctive meaning to our customers; traders and companies in the food and agro industry in the broadest sense.