Organization and contact details:

Funghi Funghi NV,
domiciled at 2321 Meer, Brusselstraat 41.

Central Enterprise Database No. 0676581730


+ 32 3303 7380



+ 32 3303 7381




Contact person in charge of data protection:

1.          General

If you order from us, you need to communicate a minimum of personal details to Funghi Funghi so that the order can be filled. 

Funghi Funghi also collects personal details from the suppliers that it contracts with.

Funghi Funghi processes this personal data with due care, in accordance with this privacy statement, the Processing of Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016.

Funghi Funghi bvba does everything possible to ensure your privacy and to protect your data from abuse. 

2.          Overview of the personal data that Funghi Funghi processes

Funghi Funghi processes the following data:

• Personal contact details: name, job title, address, telephone- and fax number, email address.

Payment details: bank account number, billing address.

Customer feedback: information that you share with Funghi Funghi about your experience with Funghi Funghi products or about the level of service.

Feedback from suppliers: information about their products, price quotations, special offers, marketing campaigns.

Content generated by customers or suppliers such as fungi (wild mushroom) recipes and forthcoming events, to be uploaded to the Funghi Funghi website

3.          Use of the data

Funghi Funghi uses the data supplied by you solely for the purpose for which it was provided by you.  These are:

• orders: in order to process your orders, to ship them out, to keep you updated on the order status and also for billing these.

• Customer Services: in order to better serve you, the customer, including answers to your questions, complaints or feedback about our services.

• the sending of a daily price list of our products and a weekly newsletter (or other forms of disseminating information about our products and activities).

• the placing and filling of orders at the suppliers’ locations and making payments to suppliers.

• passing customer details on to lawyers, bailiffs, lower and higher courts in the context of disputes about orders, deliveries or matured invoices.

• for the VAT- and the tax returns.


Funghi Funghi does not pass your data on to third parties, unless it is required to do this contractually or by law, when ordered to by a Magistrates Court or other judicial authorities, or in the context of a dispute relating to an order, delivery or invoice.

4.          Use of Google Analytics

Funghi Funghi uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic at its website.  This information, including the address of your computer (the IP address) is transferred to Google and then stored by it on servers in the USA.  For more information on this, please read Google’s privacy policy, and also in the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics. 

Google uses this information to monitor how our website is used by visitors and to report back to us on that.

Google may disclose this data to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or to the extent that these third parties process the data on Google’s behalf.  Funghi Funghi has no influence on this.

5.          Use of cookies

To optimize operation of the website and to make it as easy to use as possible, Funghi Funghi is allowed to put cookies on your computer.  A cookie is a small file that the web server places on the hard disk of your computer when it gives you access to the website. Your IP address can be recognized on subsequent visits by means of the unique code contained in the cookie. 

Funghi Funghi uses this information to analyse and optimize the operation of the site and to make your website-visit easier.

This information is not retained by Funghi Funghi.

6.          method for collecting and protecting personal data

Funghi Funghi collects your data via the information that you give by phone, email, fax, letter or on the order form.  As for the suppliers, Funghi Funghi also collects the data that they provide (via, for example, adverts, price quotations,…).

The database of Funghi Funghi, in which your data is stored, is only accessible to employees and staff of Funghi Funghi.  In addition, it is accessible to the IT-contracting party of Funghi Funghi on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, within the framework of the good management and maintenance of the website and the database.  The database is protected according to the generally applied security measures against unauthorized access.

If you think that your data is poorly protected or there is evidence of misuse, please contact

7.          inspection, updating and/or deletion of personal data

Your personal details may be inspected, at any time.  If they are incorrect, incomplete, not relevant or no longer relevant, you can ask to have them amended or deleted.

You can, at any time, revoke any consent that you had given for data processing, or object to how your personal data is being processed, except for cases where the processing is still necessary for the correct execution of the contract that you are a party to.  Revoking your consent shall not affect the legality of the data processing (based on the consent to revoke it). 

You have the right to transfer your data.  You may file a request with us to personally return the data that we received from you (except if this is legally impossible) and to hand this over to another controller.

You may send (i) a request to inspect, amend, delete or transfer data or (ii) a request to revoke your consent or (iii) object to the inadequate data protection, to  To authenticate that the request is actually made by you, kindly enclose a copy of your ID-card together with the request.

We are duty-bound to respond as quickly as possible and, in any event, within 30 days of your request.

8.          Retention period

Your personal data is kept for as long as necessary in order to achieve the goals for which the data is being processed.

If you, as a customer, for 7 years after your last order, have placed no further orders with Funghi Funghi and provided there is no outstanding dispute concerning past orders, your data will be securely deleted and destroyed.

9.          miscellaneous

If you any other questions, please send these to the following email address: of by phone to +32 3 303 73 80.

The Data Protection Authority (DPA) (the successor to the Commission on the Protection of Privacy), situated at Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, has been appointed national supervisor for correct application of privacy legislation.  If you have a complaint, please contact them:

32 (0)2 274 48 00

32 (0)2 274 48 35

Copyright licence

If you send us a recipe with (or without) a photo, of some other message for our ‘news & events’ section, to be posted on our website, then this tacitly implies that you give Funghi Funghi permission to post this on its website and to therefore make it available worldwide, to the general public, for an indefinite period, without Funghi Funghi owing you any payment for this use. 

You hereby guarantee that the recipes, messages and photos that you send us are originals and that they do not infringe the copyright(s) or other intellectual property rights of others.  You also guarantee that you are the Author or the copyright holder thereof (and who, in the latter case, is the Author) and that you are therefore free to grant this user licence to Funghi Funghi, in a legally valid way. 

You will hold Funghi Funghi harmless from any claim by third parties in this regard and will fully indemnify Funghi Funghi if such claims are found to be well-founded.

Funghi Funghi decides, at its discretion, whether it is actually going to post the message that you send on the website and for how long.  It shall ensure that the communicated name of the Author of the recipe and/or the photo are always placed next to the message.

You may also ask that the message be removed from the website by sending a written request to  We are duty-bound to accede to your request as quickly as possible and, in any event, within 30 days of your request.